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What we do

TouchSoft was founded in 2012. The core activity of the company is development, testing and supporting software of different levels. One of the main clients of our company is Nuance Communications, Inc – an American computer software technology corporation that provides development and introduction of systems using artificial intelligence.

We grow and evolve together with our clients. These days our company has a total of more than 100 highly-qualified specialists: Java developers, back-end and front-end developers, architects, QA engineers, project managers.

Our company offers various solutions depending on the specification and customer’s requirements. We focus on highload and distributed systems development as well as big data processing systems development.


Pride of Touchsoft

Pride of Touchsoft is its people and friendly atmosphere in the company. We are a united and strong team, where everyone can find like-minded people. We are proud, that gathered excellent professionals. We highly value contribution of every employee to the development of a product and try to do everything to create interesting and comfortable working conditions.


RightTouch ™ (Dynamic Targeting Engine)

Distributed platform for effective building of Internet marketing, targeting and E-commerce processes. We develop components and modules that are used for this platform and deal with integration with 3rd party services.


Modern technologies
and approaches
In our work we use state-of-the-art technologies and approaches, Selenium automated testing, RobotFramework and Scrum development methodologies, Kanban, which allow to create high-end web-product, aimed at extreme stability and performance under heavy load.
Highly qualified
Only professionals work in the Touchsoft Company. More than 70% of employees are highly qualified specialists, ready to work on difficult technical solutions and share the experience with beginners.
Fresh and creative
The Touchsoft Company keeps up with the time, sometimes even being ahead of it. Our developers use the latest technologies, which help to achieve maximum results in the shortest time possible. While others think, we implement.
Design and realization of complex software solutions that enhance effectiveness of on-line sales is the main specialization of Minsk development center. We develop the product, which provides successful interaction of people and service companies and manufacturers via system of messengers and different chats.
Why we


Our technologies.